Our pastoral initiatives

PALICA Rumbek (Pastoral-Liturgical- Catechetical Centre)

This centre serves as a nerve centre for the implementation of all our pastoral programmes. It also runs a broad range of orientation courses for those aspiring to join both major and minor seminaries.

Diocesan Youth Secretariats

Youth Congress

Youth secretariats are established in all missions. As well as organizing the annual Youth Congress (a five-day reflection of prayers, entertainment and communal events) the secretariats focus on the delivery of a modern evangelical message with liturgical elements, talks and
discussions on topical issues, sports, music and relaxation.

The Justice and Peace desk

Run by young men and women from the community who have committed themselves to promote peace amongst conflicted ethnic groups, this initiative advocate for equality for all and peaceful co-existence. It also acts as a voice for the poor, needy, and the voiceless by raising awareness as to the protection of vulnerable groups. In pursuance of its goal, we have set up Justice and Peace Committees right across the diocese.

Minor Seminary

The diocesan Minor Seminary provides education to aspiring priests, most discontinue their education after leaving the seminary, only a very few continuing on to the Major Seminary in Juba.

Annual Retreat for the priests

The diocesan priests meet at least once per year for the retreat which is designed not only to provide respite but also rejuvenation of their inner spirit.

Emergency Food Relief Projects

In times of famine, DOR acts as a beacon of hope providing food for hunger-stricken families.

Beneficiaries of the Emergency food programme
Beneficiaries of the Emergency food programme

Dinka Culture and Language Course

This programme was initiated to orient newly posted religious personnel to the Diocese. Students learn the Dinka language as well as gaining insights in the Dinka culture. This allows them to interact with the local communities. The programme also trains animators who go into the local community to teach local children the word of God in a language they can understand. Children are provided with books, bibles, rosaries, medals and sports equipment. The children also participate in a number of events such as feasts, sports events and the staging of nativity plays..