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Bishop Christian Carlassare, mccj


There is neither Jew nor Greek,
slave nor free, male nor female
for you are all
one in Christ Jesus
Gal 3:28

Bishop. Christian Carlassare, mccj

Rt. Rev. Christian Carlassare, mccj was ordained Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Rumbek on 25th March, 2022 at the Holy Family Cathedral in Rumbek.

About us

The scope of the Diocese of Rumbek’s activities is broad: it spans evangelical initiatives, development projects, pastoral programs, health programs, and educational projects. We educate and provide meals for some 50,000 children, we provide support to nearly one hundred fathers and sisters within the diocesan territory. We run hospitals and health centers, teacher training colleges, and vocational colleges. We sponsor justice and peace initiatives and women’s empowerment projects. We visit prisons, rehabilitate child soldiers, and nurture lepers.

We have over 165 churches and prayer stations. They range from imposing churches to simple gatherings in the shade of mango trees.

Our goals are many but woven into one overarching mission, which is the promotion of the spiritual growth of the people of South Sudan, the nurturing of their human development, the provision of calm and mutual understanding in times of civil strife; and the seeding of trust. To achieve these goals, we place our trust entirely in the sustaining power of the Catholic Church, the humanity and generosity of the donors that support us; and the dedication of the men and women who work alongside us.

Our Location

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Holy Family Parish, Rumbek

Tel; +254 (0) 20 8019653 | 8019656

Mobile; +254 (0) 725 211 043